Wavuvi Support to the small-scale fisheries in Kilifi County, Kenya

project area
Kenya, Coast region, Kilifi County

January 2011 – March 2013

In Kilifi County, fishing is an important economic activity that provides employment to the communities along the coastline and at the creeks with over 5,085 families depending on fishing for survival. Overexploitation of marine and coastal resources and use of traditional and illegal equipment cause low production of fish and deterioration of marine ecosystem, leading to the vulnerability and food insecurity of local communities.

The project aims to contribute to the reduction of local communities poverty conditions by supporting 8 Beach Management Units (BMU) and 2 community groups in the development of a sustainable co-management of marine and coastal resources.

The intervention axed on 3 pillars:

  • protection and regeneration of coastal ecosystem through capacity building of BMUs on sustainable co-management of marine and coastal resources
  • sustainable fishery promotion through training and suitable equipment for deep water fisheries
  • alternative income generation through silvofishery development for prawns and crabs production and mangrove reforestation


These are the main achievements:

  • 672 fisherman trained on sustainable co management marine resources
  • 228 fisherman trained on silvofishery
  • 2 nursery for mangroves reforestation
  • 8 pond for silvofishery pilot project
  • 15 crab cage for silvofishery pilot project
  • 316 women trained on their rights, role in bmu associations and processing fish


Project activities can be joined into three main components:

  1. Capacity building of fishery organizations to undertake their new roles and functions resulting from the changing management approach of marine resources exploitation and conservation.
  2. Undertaking pilot technology investment and training courses to increase efficiency of fishing activities identifying sustainable levels of resources extraction.
  3. Implementing 2 pilot silvofishery projects based on prawns farming and reforestation of the mangrove creek area.


Fondazione Cariplo
Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, fondi 8×1000 a diretta gestione statale, anno 2010
Fondi 8 per mille della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese