Food Security Project II

Improvement of cassava agricultural production and marketing in the Ganze district

project area
Kenya, Coast region, Kilifi County, villages: Dzunguni and Tsangalaweni and Mwaeba

August 2008 March 2010

The project operates in three villages in the inner band of Kilifi County, the poorest in the country. Rafiki, our local partner, during a mission carried out in 2003 and aimed at identifying risk areas food, have identified, in this area, problems related to agricultural productivity, processing of products and their marketing, already partly addressed by the project “Enabling Community food Safety“.

The specific objective of this project is to improve food security and economic in the beneficiary communities through the introduction of simple technology and hygiene standards for the production and processing of food and forms of cooperative organization for the commercialization.

This project has acted strengthening the previous intervention, particularly on two fronts:
agricultural productivity through the introduction of working animals and animal manure;
the marketing of products processed, by supporting associative forms of sale, with the possibility of outlets export channels of fair trade.


  1. Has been improved agricultural productivity through the use of animal work (oxen) and manure as natural fertilize
    – Have been established and are operating in the Community 3 Units to work with animals, each consisting of 4 (two grooms and two employees plowing or transport);
    – 30% of the families of the community uses the services of the Operating Units for animals (plowing and transport).
    – It produces organic fertilizer that meets 75% of the needs of the village.
    2. Has been strengthened marketing capacity associative villages beneficiaries, improving the quality of cassava flour produced in the milling plant, creating and forming marketing team.
    – Has improved the operation and the quality of the product of the unit transformation of cassava by improving equipment and strengthening of operational units for processing. The problem of the presence of dust in the flour has been solved thanks to the purchase of solar dryers covered, preventing contamination of sliced ​​cassava. The units were equipped with sealing for the packaging of the flour and small measures have allowed greater safety and quality of the final product (railings on the windows, the improvement of the washing tanks, deviation of the exhaust pipes of the motor, etc.).
    – Have been established and are operating in the Community 3 Units for marketing, a fall of 6 members, except Mwaeba where members are only 3, because the work is reduced because the village devoid Unit transformation. The units of commercialization have been done, in the months of shortage of cassava to be ground, the fundamental work of obtaining raw materials and resale of the finished product.
    – All the villagers who had a surplus of cassava in their fields families have processed the raw material, and entrusted to the Unit Marketing the task of selling the flour.


The activities carried out within the first result:
· 3 workshops on the production and use of organic fertilizer:
· Purchase and distribution of oxens
· Training of the Operating Units to work with animals
· Activities use practices of plowing and animal manure

The activities carried out within the second result:
3 workshops on marketing, marketing cooperative and fair trade
• Training and technical assistance to operational units for marketing
A mission of an Italian expert in processing of food products for the improvement of product quality
Three training courses for operators of milling plant on the quality standards of the products for export, HACCP requirements, packaging and labeling
Improvement of the three units of Transformation by providing tools, accessories and technical assistance to operational units for processing, in both technical and managerial;
Creation of an event in Kilifi (forum) where producers exhibited their products and which was attended by other players involved in the trade of cassava;
• Participation in the international agricultural fair in Mombasa


Fondazione Cariplo
Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, fondi 8×1000 a diretta gestione statale, anno 2010
Fondi 8 per mille della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese