Newsletter Issue 3

Product market trials is a very vital step and effective promotional tactic for a new or existing product to enter a new market, release a new product or increase existing sales.The project strategy of promoting cassava flour consumption has empowered many small holder cassava farmers in the project area through skills acquisition on cassava production, processing and utilization… samples of cooked and baked cassava products offered to prospective consumers increased exposure, gave the consumers a taste of what’s to come and allowed them to feel confident with their purchase…

For the full story on cassava market trials and many more captivating stories from our farmers and activities undertaken during this quarter, check out  Issue 3 of the CAST Newsletter.

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Building Resilient Schools

Schools have been known to be effective channels of communication as well as agents of change. It is in this light that CAST has been working with schools to promote conservative agriculture, production and utilization of cassava in communities. Through a project dubbed resilient Schools, CAST is working with 10 schools in Ganze Sub County. The project employs a simple, easy to follow and unique methodology illustrated in a guide to achieve its objective. The guide is a pedagogical approach aimed at educating pupils on conservative agriculture, cassava production and nutritional issues on cassava through encouraging learning by doing and also inspiring pupils to put into practise what they learn not only in school but especially at home thus uplifting the communities by building communities resilient to drought.

Below is a link to the guide.

Resilient School Guide

Newsletter Issue 2

Moving forward…..CAST has engaged farmers in a unique water harvesting technique which is a departure from the widely used boreholes and dams. This activity addresses the need for clean water for cassava processing throughout the year to counter the effect of dry spells characteristic of Kilifi County. Groups have also continued to increase cassava production while working with the marketing expert to reach out to the wider local and regional market….

For more stories, check out Issue II of the CAST newsletter. Enjoy reading!

Farmers Market Initiative

Are you interested in buying natural and healthy products or are you a farmer interested in selling natural and healthy products? Join CAST and KWETU organisations as they launch their new Farmers Market Initiative on 29th August 2015 at City Mall – Nyali. There will be plenty of opportunity for consumers to directly interact with a diverse array of producers along the Kenyan Coast showcasing their produce. The forum will also create a platform for sustainable farming, improved food security and healthy living through the solid networks between primary producers and final consumers.