Eco Festival

IMG_4544The fourteenth day of June is celebrated worldwide as the world environmental day. This year CAST marked the day at an Eco festival held at KWETU Training Center in Mtwapa. The Eco festival brought together stakeholders involved in Sustainable exploitation of the Environment and its conservation.

The festival activities included displays by various organizations on the work they do, eco films covering themes on environmental conservation, including an animation feature for kids, fish feeding and harvesting, tours of the mangrove forests and the demonstration plots and to crown it all was the team building competition. The team building exercise included a written test on environmental issues, a painting competition and a treasure hunt.

Some of the displays included one by KWETU Training center on their products which comprised of mangrove honey produced from the mangrove forest, neem oils and candles and their activities encompassing mariculture, apiculture and conservation of the mangrove forest ecosystem.

Another display was by Wild living who showcased their efforts in conserving the environment through making eco charcoal from driftwood known as makaa zingira and other products from the neem and baobab trees.

Yet another group, Fundi Kipusa, displayed a vertical planter which is a small innovative garden that is used to grow vegetables indoors. They were joined by a fitness instructor who displayed medicinal and beauty products from the wonderful ‘Moringa’ tree

CAST was also well represented with displays on their major activities in the wavuvi project, mihogo project and the Resilient Schools programme for children which advocates for Agroforestry that intergrates cassava growing with legumes like cowpeas, pigeon peas and faidhabia albidae and other fruit trees. Particular emphasis was placed on showing those who attended the procedure for processing cassava, as well as explanations on the production of cassava and the uses for its flour.

IMG_4430The CAST team also participated in the team building exercise where they wracked their brains over the environmental quiz, portrayed their art skills in a drawing on environmental conservation and flexed their mental and physical muscles in the treasure hunt. All was not in vain as the team emerged first and their success crowned with products from Kwetu training including mangrove honey, neem candles and oil and ‘moringa’ tree seedlings.

To cap it all pupils from Kivukoni School entertained guests during the prize giving ceremony with songs on the importance of working together to conserve our environment and make the world we live in a better place.

Indeed the day was a celebration of nature and CAST looks forward to attending next year!

Field Agronomist
Elisabeth Koech